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Caring Teen Volunteer Profile (15 - 18 years of age)

I understand I am applying for Houston Methodist at the Houston Medical Center Location.
First Name
Last Name
What do you prefer to be called/nickname?
Address Line 1
Zip/Postal Code
Home phone
Cell Phone
Parent/Guardian Contact Information
Contact name
Home phone
Work phone
How did you hear about the Caring Teen volunteer program?
Do you know an employee at Houston Methodist?
Name and Relationship
When are you available to start?
What hours during the day are you available?
What days are you available?
Assignement Types
Administrative Support: Clerical duties performed. No patient contact.
What type of assignment would you prefer?
Hospitality: greetings, information, directions, gift shop, etc.
Patient Support: companionship, patient interaction, patient visitation, etc.
Comfort Cart: distributing comfort items to guest areas around the hospital.
Music: For those who play instruments or sing.
Art & Craft: special art and craft projects, distributing art supplies.
What is your desired career?
Navigation: providing information, escorting and way finding to patients and visitors.