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Hello! And thank you for your interest in volunteering with Houston Methodist Hospital. People of all ages and from all walks of life volunteer at Houston Methodist Hospital, where they find fellowship and fulfillment in helping others. Volunteering is a rewarding opportunity to learn new skills, use existing talents, and meet new friends; all while providing important services to patients, families, and guests.

Due to the overwhelming interest in our volunteer program, our volunteer opportunities are based on the current needs of requesting departments and on the volunteer's suitability, experience and time commitment. Volunteer schedules are flexible, vary by program, and have evening and weekend shift availability in some departments.

The following questionnaire will help you decide whether Houston Methodist Hospital is the right fit for you. While we are always looking for new volunteers, we do need volunteers who are able to commit. Please consider the commitment and requirements involved before you make your decision. Thank you so much for your interest, and we look forward to talking with you very soon!

Volunteer Profile Questionnaire
This profile is for Houston Methodist at 6565 Fannin, in the Medical Center in Houston, Texas. If you are interested in another Methodist Houston location (San Jacinto, West Houston (Katy), Willowbrook, or Sugar Land) please visit our website at www.methodisthealth.com/volunteer and choose the location you desire. Are you only interested in the Medical Center location? If yes, please check the box.
The on-boarding placement process requires at least four visits to the hospital before you can begin your assignment. This typically takes five to ten business days. On-boarding includes volunteer orientation, interviews, health screens (TB and drug screen) and training. Are you willing to make the trips required to complete the volunteer on-boarding process? If yes, please check the box.
We offer a variety of assignments and shifts to meet varying availability. We have episodic project and event opportunities with no minimum hour commitment. The education and student volunteer commitment is a semester long based on a traditional university semester schedule completing a minimum of 50 hours. The general volunteer commitment is weekly for a three-hour shift for a day position; weekly for a two-hour shift for an evening position and biweekly for a four-hour shift for a weekend position. Do you have time for one of these commitments? If yes, please check the box.
Our volunteers wear a uniform and ID badge during their volunteer shift. The Houston Methodist uniform of a Houston Methodist polo or jacket are available for $25 upon completion of on-boarding requirements. Are you willing to purchase and wear the volunteer uniform and ID badge during your volunteer shift? If yes, please check the box.
If you are unable to answer yes to the questions above, we ask that you reconsider applying for a volunteer position at Houston Methodist. We understand your time is valuable. If our program is unable to meet your needs, we would prefer not to waste your time or our resources. If you answered yes to all of these questions, we encourage you to complete the remainder of the Volunteer Profile Questionnaire. Thank you for your support.
Contact Information

Given/Legal Name
Family/last name
Preferred name you go by
Line 1
Home phone
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Work phone
The following questions will assist us in identifying what program is the best fit for you.
Do you have a Social Security Number?
If no, do you have an Employment Authorization Document?
Volunteers who are under 18 years of age and still in high school, must apply to Teen Volunteers (15-18 years of age).
Are you at least 18 years old?
Are you at least 15 years old?
Are you currently a student?
If yes, please choose one
Are you applying to fulfill a school requirement?
If yes, please explain:
What is your employment status?
What is your desired career?
Are you part of an organization that has a partnership with Houston Methodist Volunteer Services?
Do you already have a volunteer assignment within Houston Methodist?
If yes, what is the assignment and who is your Houston Methodist contact?
Please select the volunteer program that best fits your interests and availability.
Healthcare Education or Experience - You are looking for an assignment that will help expand your education in a clinical setting. You are considering a career in healthcare and would like experience or exposure into the hospital environment from a patient's perspective. You are specifically looking for patient contact. This is a semester long commitment, based on a traditional university semester schedule requiring the completion of at least 50 hours a semester. Incentives offered with this program include: letter of recommendation, surgery observation, and valuable experience in a healthcare setting.
Administrative Healthcare - You are looking for an assignment that will help expand your education from an administrative perspective. If you are a Health Care Administrative major, this volunteer is tailored more to you. This is a semester long commitment, based on a traditional university semester schedule requiring the completion of at least 50 hours a semester. Incentives offered with this program include: letter of recommendation, surgery observation, and valuable experience in a healthcare setting.
Long-term- You are looking for a way to give back, and want to volunteer for the social or philanthropic reward. You are a retiree, a stay-at-home mom, recently moved to Houston, or are looking to fill your time with a rewarding volunteer experience. This program requires the commitment of at least 6 months, with either a weekly three-hour shift, a biweekly four-hour shift on the weekend, or a weekly two-hour shift in the evening. Incentives offered with this program include: Wellness Center access, receive employee rate when purchasing Wellness Services massages, and receive discount in hospital Gift Shop.
Episodic Volunteer Opportunity- You are looking for intermittent or onetime projects or events to participate in. You would like to be contacted whenever onetime projects are available for you to volunteer with. This program requires no minimum hour commitment. Volunteers in this program will have no direct patient contact, but they participate in projects that do greatly impact the patient population. Previous events include providing volunteer assistance at: Stride for Stroke, MS 150, Student Athlete Physicals, and more.
Resume Builders- You are currently unemployed and want to keep your resume and skills fresh. You are currently seeking full-time employment, and plan to volunteer temporarily until you find employment. Incentives offered with this program include: Recommendation letter, and valuable health care experience.
Please select the shift that best fits your availability.
Day Shift: The day shift consists of a minimum once weekly, 3-4 hour shift on the same weekday each week. Typical day shifts fall between 8:00am-5:00pm.
Evening Shift- The evening shift is once a week, for a 2-3 hour shift on the same weekday evening each week.
Weekend Shift- The weekend shift is every other Saturday or Sunday for a 3-4 hour shift.
Please tell us why you want to volunteer at Houston Methodist.
What length of time are you able to commit to volunteering?
Are you a Methodist Employee?
Have you previously volunteered at Houston Methodist Hospital?
When is the earliest date you are available to begin a volunteer assignment?
Please describe any potential breaks in your volunteer commitment.
What experience can we offer you to meet your volunteer goals?
How do you like to be rewarded?
What types of music do you prefer?
Favorite Snack
Favorite Beverage
Favorite Color
News Stories that interest you most
Thanks for completing our Volunteer Profile.